Re: 901885-04 (fwd)

From: William Levak (
Date: 1999-06-15 07:21:26

On Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> The 8050/8250 Service Manual on lists the 901885-04 as "DOS
> controller ROM UK3 2.7 Micropolis". I see no reason why there is an
> additional board with 6502 and Eprom to replace this DOS. It might be
> interesting to compare the contents of the 901885-04 with the contents
> of the Eprom.
> Das 8050/8250 Service Manual auf beschreibt das 901885-04
> as "DOS controller ROM UK3 2.7 Micropolis". Ich sehe keinen Grund, warum
> da ein Zusatzboard mit 6502 und Eprom ist, um dieses DOS zu ersetzen. Es
> wäre interessant, den Inhalt des 901885-04 mit dem Inhalt des Eproms zu
> vergleichen.

My Micropolis 8250 has 901885-04 in it.  There were reports that there was
going to be a DOS 3.0 for the 8250 (like the hard drives).  Maybe it is
a prototype version of this, or something similar.  I don't see why this
would require another processor.

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