Re: 8250 help needed

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-06-05 15:21:58

Andre Fachat wrote:
> If you could part with two or three, that would be nice!
> Somewhere I have a patched VC1541 ROM where I tried to
> make it use the DOS 1 format - I tried it with my 6502 emulator
> from my selfbuilt computer, but donīt remember the outcome.

I can send you four of them, they just fit into this disk transport
envelope here. Two of them in orignal DOS 1 format with some meaningless
data, one is SFD1001 formatted and one is 8250 formatted. So you have
some more material to test your drives with. BTW, the SFD managed to
read this freshly formatted disk, but it needed some retries. Still
strange ;-)
Oh, and give me your address and you will get the disks.

> That reminds me: Did anyone try to replace the 1MHz I/O and CPU
> with 2MHz components and patched the ROM to work in 2 MHz?
> I once tried it (with an IEEE488 interface, so no serial IEC
> timing troubles) but did not succeed...

I think Dolphin DOS for the 1571 makes such things: it uses 2MHz mode
even in 1541 emulation. This kills compatibility with games completely


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