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Date: 1999-06-01 13:26:28

--- Bo Zimmerman <> wrote:
> I also have a small contribution:  

Bob, check your system date.  You appear to be posting from 1994.

> 2. That history also mentioned that Tramiel marketed the VIC-20 (then the
> VIC-1001) to Japan first in order to head off the Japanese at the pass.  It
> effectively shut down the Japanese work on a low end home computer for the
> American market, which probably saved us all from talking about the great
> Sony and Toshiba computers of the 1980's. 

Go back and read the magazines like "Compute!" and such from the day... the
Japanese MSX machines were coming soon and expected to kick American home
computers right out of the market, except they never got here.  I did see 
one or two in England in 1985, but never in the States.

It in this time period that Jack Trameil was told that he could never compete
against Sony, et al., and he replied, "We must become the Japanese!"  To the
extent that millions of C-64's were produced at an eventual production cost
of under $20 each (I've heard $11 and $17), he succeded.


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