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From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 1994-07-06 10:01:25

I also have a small contribution:  

1. I read on another historical review that ESCOM sold everything but the
Commodore logo to GateWay (meaning the 8-bits as well). 

2. That history also mentioned that Tramiel marketed the VIC-20 (then the
VIC-1001) to Japan first in order to head off the Japanese at the pass.  It
effectively shut down the Japanese work on a low end home computer for the
American market, which probably saved us all from talking about the great Sony
and Toshiba computers of the 1980's.  I thought that was pretty significant.

Regarding the historical document in general, it's fantastic.  It's the first
I've seen with any real commentary thrown in, which really adds to the

   - Bo Zimmerman

On 31-May-99, Martijn van Buul wrote:
>Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>> Warning: it's very long. I've spent nearly two days straight writing it.
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated!

>Well, nice work :)

>I've only got two remarks:

>* Tulip has already gone bankrupt.
>* WebComputers can hardly be called a Dutch enterprise - They're really
>  Belgian, but have some weird link to the Dutch Antilles (probably
>  because of financial reasons; the Dutch Antilles have three good
>  assets: Coconut trees, beaches and low taxes.
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