Re[2]: Needed: eprom pinout

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 1999-01-25 16:23:42

Hello Mark,

Mark> On a related subject, does anyone have pinout info for the 27C101 (as made by
Mark> e.g. Mitsubishi; M5M27C101)?

Mark> I checked the Mitsubishi web site, but there didn't seem to be a data sheet for
Mark> this chip on there. (I also want pinout info for 27C201 & 27C401 if they
Mark> exist.)

I have the same problem. A year ago I bought some very cheap M5M27C101
chips. After erasing I can't program any of them. Someone mentioned
that they have 16 bit organization. I can't confirm anything.

FYI, Mitsubishi never had good support for online users.

Best regards,

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