New national C128 versions found

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-05-10 14:43:50


today I got two brand new C128D keyboards in the mail. I ordered them as
Spanish versions, since I was wondering how they look like and I needed
a replacement anyway (Though for a German C128D). 

At first I was quite disappointed, because it looked like they sent me
French keyboards and they are already documented ;-) I contacted Martijn
van Buul who supplied the information about the French version and asked
him how his keyboard looks like. It almost matches mine, but he is 101$%
sure his has the AZERTY layout, but mine has QZERTY. He suggested mine
might actually be Italian, which might really be true since it has a
special  key (I with accent grave).

Finally I had a look at the second keyboard and this could really be a
Spanish one. It has normal QWERTY layout but some extra characters like
n~, the upside-down ? and an extra ! key (maybe this is the upside-down

Both keyboards have the CAPS LOCK key labeled as CAPS LOCK, unlike the
other known nationalized keyboards.

I'm still unsure about the identity of these keyboards and I'll try to
make some scans/fotos of them, but everybody is invited to help me with
suggestions right now.

Thanks, Nicolas

PS: Anybody got the Italian and Spanish C128 ROMs? ;-)
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