From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-05-07 17:26:25

OK, my exams are now over and I have a lot of CBM stuff to catch up on.
What have I forgotten and what are people particularly interested in

SFX Sound Expander schematics

SFX Sound Expander patch editor / realtime synthesizer

Magic Voice to 264 series convertor

The last item is an idea I had in conjuction with the V364 ROMs which have
appeared on FUNET in the past few days:

The idea is to make copies of the Speech ROM and optionally the Kernal ROM
(though that's probably not required) and make an adaptor cartridge to
connect a normal 264 series machine (C16, 116, plus/4) to a C64 Magic
Voice. The cartridge needs to contain the V364 Speech ROM and a 0.1" 22x2
connector for attaching the Magic Voice. A patch lead will probably be
added to the 264 series machine to get access to the SCS# line (F0 of the
PLA). There could also be a phono socket for connecting the output of the
Magic Voice to the External Audio In on the 264 series cartridge slot.

The adaptor will need to disable the internal ROM in the Magic Voice,
including preventing the ROM being enabled when certain Kernal addresses
are on the bus, but still provide full access to the TI speech chip and
its serial ROM (if it has one) using the new SCS# line. All of this
*should* be possible, but since I don't actually own a Magic Voice (yet -
one should arrive in the next few days) I wondered what other people
thought of this idea. Does anyone have Magic Voice schematics? </hoping>


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