From: Henry Sopko (henry.sopko_at_hwcn.org)
Date: 1999-05-02 04:59:43

Hi All. 

        Does anyone know of a Eprommer that can program 32 pin eproms on
either the C64/128 or Amiga? Jameco has one listed in their catalogue that
might be usable, but would like to know if anyone on this list can give
some advise on it, or any others. The one Jameco has that I was thinking
of is a "1 Socket 1MB and 8MB Eprom programmer" made by ART. It uses the
RS232 interface so you can program it using a term program. Has anyone
used this eprom programmer? Also, I am a bit confused by the term "intel"
and "FPC" hex file formats that are mentioned in the online docs that the
eprom programmer requires to up- or download in. Not having a IBM PC, this
is something I never heard of. Can someone explain them?



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