Re: C64/VIC-20 AV lead

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1999-04-26 08:10:40

On Sun, 25 Apr 1999, Mark wrote:

> Does anyone know where to get a lead that has 5-pin DIN plug on one end, and
> two phono plugs on the other?

Try to get a lead with a 5-pin DIN plug on one end and 4 RCA (or phono)  
plugs on the other end.  The middle pin (at the bottom of the "U" shape of
the 5-pin DIN plug) is ground both in audio equipment and in the

Or buy a normal audio lead with 2 plugs on the other end, open up the DIN
plug (before buying, make sure that it can be opened) and resolder one of
the leads to its proper place.  (I think that soldering one wire will


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