Re: Gunzip.c64

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-04-16 19:00:22

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> Maybe you can use an older version, I think it didn't use custom
> transfer. Pasi? I still have the first version (didn't support d64

I found that using the std kernal routines can save a lot of trouble
when you port the program to a PET for example, or to the VIC20.
E.g. "dsk2file" and "file2dsk" on funet that dump a complete disk
to a d64/d8050/d8250 file uses a small ML routine that only uses
the kernal routines and thus works on a C64 _and_ a PET :-)

Of course I won't say you should remove the custom transfer, but an
option to not use it would be nice.


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