Re: PET rediscoveries and questions

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-04-16 09:02:57

William Levak wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> I have a SuperPet with all the manuals and the second version of the
> language disks.  The second version has COBOL which was not on the first
> version.  Also, the APL files are not compatible with the first version.

Cool. Could you probably check and comment those SuperPET disks on funet, and 
if yours are different, upload yours as well?

Do you need different (6809) ROMs for the different versions of the
language disks?

And/or scan the manuals?

> When assembled in the 8032, there should be four switches on the right
> side.  You set tham to R/W, 6809, UD12 RAM, and UD11 OFF.  When you turn
> the computer on, it should come up in the Waterloo menu.  Put the language
> disk in drive 1 and your working disk in drive 0.  Press the first letter
> of the language you want and it should load from the drive.

Do you _need_ a double drive disk drive (like 8050/8250)? Or can you work 
on a single drive disk drive (SFD1001, 2031)?

> > I have these two boards, new in the box, with all the cables, etc., 
> > one Computhink (324042-01) and one BMB (324038-01).  There's excellent
> > scanned docs on as well as three demo disk images (which I
> > believe are very recent).  I even happen to have one SuperPET language
> > reference manual.  Do I need anything else?  How do I go about selecting
> > the different languages in there?

I only heard the name "Computhink" in relation to a disk drive.
But the latter seems indeed to be a SuperPET expansion board.
Could you please check whether the ROMs on the board are the 
same as those on funet?


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