PET rediscoveries and questions

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1999-04-16 06:07:02

While going through the stuff on my top shelf, I ran across some boxes I
aquired when the local Commodore dealer went out of business several
ago.  Among the booty are a couple of special boards that I need some
info on before I can put them to use...

I have these two boards, new in the box, with all the cables, etc., 
one Computhink (324042-01) and one BMB (324038-01).  There's excellent
scanned docs on as well as three demo disk images (which I
believe are very recent).  I even happen to have one SuperPET language
reference manual.  Do I need anything else?  How do I go about selecting
the different languages in there?

Does anyone out there have a SuperPET with docs/software?  I'd love to
find out a little bit about it before I go mucking around inside an


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