Re: Commodore FTP Sites List

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 1999-04-15 10:32:28

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> Ah, a MicroVAX. A friend of mine and I got one which lasted in our hands
> about thirty minutes. It gave a login: prompt and we had no idea what to
> do from then on (tried everything we could think of), so we crossed our
> fingers and shut it down. Luck was not with us -- it has not started up
> since. 

NetBSD has been ported for that machine, if memory serves me right. We've
been playing with a few of those beasts for a while, and they run 
"smoothly" with it (Nope, we didn't have a VMS tape).

Ah well. I guess I should return to reviving that Silicon Graphics
Personal Iris (R3000a based) who's been giving me headaches lately.

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