RADWAR PARTY 2000 - The Ultimate Bug Event !!! (fwd)

From: Marko Mäkelä (msmakela_at_cc.hut.fi)
Date: 1999-04-14 15:53:00

I thought that this could interest some of you.

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Subject: RADWAR PARTY 2000 - The Ultimate Bug Event !!!

RADWAR PARTY 2000 - The Ultimate Bug Event !!!

Hello AMIGA & C64 Freaks all over the globe,

it's a couple of years ago since our last paddy took place.
But as you all may have noticed ... it was a real success.
About 600 people from all over Europe came to this amazing event.

The German Television ARD 'Brisant' showed a 7 Minute Report about the
Party and the german press (AMIGA JOKER, etc.) came up with a couple
of articles. All those famous programmers from the old AMIGA Game Factories
like BlueByte, UBI Soft,  Factor 5, Thalamus, ... came together
for smalltalk with the demo and crackin' scene, as well as the german lawyer
Günther von Gravenreuth (the german pirate hunter).

Softgold & Rainbow Arts -> those well known german software distributors,
did the whole sponsoring for the party (5000 Posters and Flyers, ...)

Ok, read the whole story on the web!!!

Visit WWW.RADWAR.COM to get drunk on history party junk food and sign our
BulletinBoard with ya ideas and wishes !!!

After all many people have asked us to organice another party ... believe
me or not, it was extremly going on our nerves, but at least we
gave up and so the legend continues.

As always this will be no party where the computer is dominating the
party area ... this party should be taken as a chance to meet old
pals and have phun and of course .... get drunk.

You may ask why we are starting this so early in 1999 when the party
will happen in SPRING 2000 ... yep, guess why ... this party will
write history ... it will be the last, the best the biggest ...

We've not yet choosen a definate place, 'cauze we really don't know
how many people may come ... will it be 500 ... or 1000 ... 2000 ...
or even more -> ya never know and so it's hard to choose the right
place. We are in good contact with some big discotheques and party
areas in germany and so it's in your hands how big this event may

Let me introduce you some details that have been already cached in
our memory ... theze extremely fast braincache modules are rather
old ... but still more effective than anything else ...

OK, that's what you gonna have to expect:

- Meet ya favourite Software-Company from today and the Past
  (BlueByte, System 3, Rainbow Arts, Factor 5 (LucasArts), ...)
- Funny Competitions of all kind ... with a lot of nice prices
  Think of a Wet-Wrestling Fight between IRATA/TRSI     and GRAVENREUTH

- Cool Strip shows, GoGo Dancers, Kick Boxing and more ...

- Live cams will be all over the place ... to feed everybody online
- Legendary People ya always wanted to meet

- superb music (not only techno and synthi-pop)
- DJ's  and Live acts that had their roots on C64 and AMIGA

- Computer Terminals for The Party Guestbook and to find ya pals

Ok, these are just some small ideas ... more to come

Come on Guys, support this party and spread the info and set up
links to our WEBSIDE WWW.RADWAR.COM and mail the info to all of ya
friends. (we've include the small JPG -Picture ... use it if ya like !!!)

(Hey what about the AMIGA COMPANY,  we all bought an A1000 in 84/85 and now
you like to come up with your new AMIGAs ... no problem we can push them ...
and you should push this party ....)

Also we still need HTML Wizards, Musicians, Coders and
GFX-Magicans to SETUP the Party Infos on WEBSIDES and of course
groups to code  intros, demos on c64, amiga and on the consoles.

Everybody who'll help us will be mentioned and of course will get
special presents at the party ...
(Ok, if there will be more than 10 Coded Demos on a single computer
 system ... then a demo-competition automatically takes part !!!)

Give us your feedback and believe in the spirit of the scene.

There's only one thing left to say ...

IT's now ........  or never !!!!

Signed: MWS / RADWAR      04/13/1999

Greetings from the 'Pleasure is our business Crew':



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