Re: Pop Quiz - MOS part numbers

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1999-04-10 03:49:24

--- Richard Atkinson <> wrote:
> Tidying up (ahem) my chip collection revealed a few commodore chips that I
> don't know the purpose of, so here goes; does anyone know what these do? I
> expect most of them are just BASIC or KERNAL ROMs, but there may be the
> odd PLA here and there...

Most of the following information is from a list of ROMs for PETs, VICs,
drives and printers that I am in the middle of OCRing.  I will post the
resulting file on my web page (
when I finish tidying up.  In the meantime, here's answers to most of it.
 901465-23 (4581)  BASIC 4.1, PET 8xxx, socket UD10 
 901465-21 (1880)  BASIC 4.x. PET 8xxx, socket UD8
 901465-20 (4982)  BASIC 4.x, PET 8xxx, socket UD9
 901474-04 (0284)  BASIC 4.x editor ROM PET 8xxx (50Hz), probably socket UD7
 901498-01 (2781)  BASIC 4.x editor ROM PET 4xxx (50Hz), probably socket UD7
 901447-10 (4782)  Many models of PETs, socket F10 (char gen)
 317040-01 (3884)  Dunno
 906114-01 (2383 and 3084) Dunno



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