Re: Upgrading the SFX Sound Expander

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-04-02 16:55:25

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Levente [iso-8859-1] Hársfalvi wrote:

> Couldn't you be persuaded to re-engineer the card and put at least a
> schematic diag to Funet?...

Hmm, I think perhaps I should - the only special components on the board
are the YM3526 and YM3014B, and they can both be obtained, at least in
upgraded form as the YM3812, from any Soundblaster or Adlib compatible (up
to the first Soundblaster Pro).

All other components are regular TTL logic and a little op-amp that could
be obtained anywhere... alright, I'll have a go, as long as someone
promises to make their own version of the card from my schematic! :)

You'll also need a 3.58MHz crystal, but I guess we're all getting good at
finding those now :) The Yamaha specs for the YM3526 state 3.58MHz as the
nominal frequency, but anyway between 2 and 4MHz is allowed. Hint: take a
14.3MHz crystal off a PC motherboard and divide it by four...


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