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Date: 1999-04-01 21:37:59

I got this mail but sure don't have the time to handle
this. Anyone of you for a cheap 128? (If his offer is no fake...)
Seems he even needs someone to build a simple cable...


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Subject: Trade.


I immensely enjoyed your web page as I grew up on Commodore 64.  I
currently work in computers and have a mini-LAN at home.  I still have
my original C64c.

I also have a dilemma that someone of your expertise can resolve.  I
have documents created in a Word Processor called "Home Word Processor"
that I wish to preserve and port to PC.  A couple years ago I brought
your schematics for a cable/adapter to a cable place but they never did
anything with it.

My question is, what is the simplest way to send these documents (text)
to my PC?  This is very important to me.  If you were able to construct
the necessary hardware for me I would gladly give you one of my spare
Commodore 128's or a couple of Floppy drives.

I know you are in Germany, so I imagine the current difference is an

Thanx in advance,

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