Re: PET -> SuperPET...possible?

From: William Levak (
Date: 1999-03-30 07:49:27

On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Geoffrey D. Oltmans wrote:

> Hey guys!
> Just curious if anyone has attempted to convert a regular PET/CBM to a
> SuperPET before... From what I gather, the stuff that makes the SuperPET
> special is a set of add-on circuitboards? What would be necessary to
> convert, and can it be done?
I have not converted a Pet to a SuperPet.  I don't need to, I have both.
I have used an 8032 to test the parts for the SuperPet, and they are
compatible.  The SuperPet is an 8032 with one or two (depending on the
version) boards added. See the schematics and parts lists at funet.  
The only significant difference is the SuperPet uses a 6502A (presumably
to allow for the extra time used by the additional circuits).

The extra circuit boards just plug in.  The main bus is extended by a
ribbon cable connected to the bus connector on the right side of the 8032.
The 6502 on the 8032 is removed and a plug connected to a ribbon cable
connects the processor lines to the Superpet board where the lines are
swithced between a 6809 and a 6502A.

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