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From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 1999-03-28 01:10:44

Hello Ruud,

Thursday, Thursday, March 25, 1999, you wrote:

RB> Anyway, I understood you wanted the data and for me that is the raw data on the
RB> disk. I don't have the PRG "Calc result". So my question to you, my CBM-Hackers
RB> friends, does anybody of you have this PRG?

Yes. I had it. I'll try to find out where it is on my disks.

RB> If nobody has it, you get the raw data in one or another form. What form I
RB> don't know as I have no idea yet what is on the floppy at all.

If I remember well it has several files and takes ca. 1/2 of disk side.

Best regards,

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