Re: V364 !!! How about a mailing list bid? :)

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-03-26 04:36:29

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> Hello people. Get your browsers over to
> right now and look at the *gorgeous* pictures... Cameron, you know what to
> do with them ;)
> How about a combined block mailing list bid? Obviously there would be the
> problem of where to keep it, but I think there are museums and
> universities that will help us out on that one...
> Anyway, anyone interested *please* reply and I'll work out how high we can
> go. State how much you can 'donate' to the cause ;)
> Richard.

Went and took the jpegs to my image converter and fiddled with brightness and
contrast (really improved the views).  No new ports it looks lik just
everything on the back panel (except for the power switch and reset, which are
on the right edge)  (In order from back view Power, disk, cassette user,
cartridge, joysticks, video, RF out)

>From the front view I would guess all that is missing from it (besides some
keys) is the grill, something that could be made up with a couple Plus/4 cases
(assuming the scale is similar)  Keys missing... C=, both SHIFTs, (something
new between ] and RETURN, maybw an =?..) keypad ENTER 0 and period (assumming
ENTER and 0 are large like on the 128.)

Can't see if the four function buttons on the top are missing or are black
like the arrow keys..

***  If memory serves wasn't the 364 supposed to have an integrated voice sythesiser?

I think the mention of the 'Amiga' chips are of the grey ones with the lines
and the cover plates, which I would guess would more indicate a limited run IC
(used during prototyping/beta testing) then anything way advanced.  Early
VIC-IIs (like in my P-500) were in such carriers.

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