Re: C128D

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1999-03-23 21:30:20

Hallo Nicolas,

> I think I have all messages since 09/18/98. Uncompressed 1.5MB. Just
> tell me what you want and I will mail it to you.

Thanks, but my emailer performed some misterious tricks and voila, there were 
some of the missing mails.  
> > Anyway, I got the machine second hand and with this chip. I do have
> > another C128D and two C128s. A friend of my has also some C128(D(CR))s
> > but in all cases they are not accessible that quickly. But if you realy
> > want to know, tell us and we'll take the trouble :)
> Well, it's not that important, but if you happen to use one of the
> machines anyway, then please test the VDC version, and if it is a
> version 0 device, you might get a free upgrade from me ;-) I have a
> spare 8563R9B or R9A here and if needed, I will give that one away in
> exchange for a R7 device. But I never tested the chip, I got it from a
> dead C128. Well, actually I got it from Wolfgang Moser who definitely is
> not a dead C128 ;-)

I checked all machines and some loose chips from my very first C128 bought in 
1989: all R9, the other C128D also R9B.

Gruesse dich, Ruud

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