How to run speedscript and where to get c64 disks copied to ibm format. (fwd)

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Date: 1999-03-22 07:42:40

Since the plus4 list is maybe even more hacker-oriented (and less
end-user-oriented) than this list, I thought that forwarding this message
might not be a bad idea.


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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 18:42:52 -0500
From: Herb and Pam Perkins-Frederick <>
Subject: How to run speedscript and where to get c64 disks copied to  ibm

Dear People,

	My wife, Pam has a lot of poetry stored in speedscript files that we need
to get
over to an IBM-pc format.  I have hacked at it and came up with a basic
program that sent the files out the serial port and some people at work
helped me cobble together some electronics that allowed the c64's serial
logic to talk to the ibm's.  This worked for a while, but before the job
was done, something burned out, and then the project languished for a
couple of years.  At this point I am ready to pay someone else to do the
work.  Any suggestions?

	Short of that, I am willing to print out the files, and retype them in at
the ibm end, if that is what it takes.  However, there is a problem here,
also.  It's been so long since I ran speedscript, that I don't remember
how.  You would load the program in with load "speedscript",8,1 followed by
a sys command, but I don't remember what address to branch to.  Does
anybody there have this information, or know where I can get it?

	Speedscript is a great program, and the C64 an amazing machine.  Pam did a
lot of work that we would like to make once again accessible, if it is not
already too late.  Any help or suggestions that you could offer would be
appreciated --

	-- Sincerely,
	-- Herb.

PL.S. Thanks from me, too! 

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