Re: How to create a freezer cartridge?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-03-19 11:03:09

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> I have once tried to copy a FC3 but stopped this project due to the fact that I
> got two others for free.

I once did it, it worked well but it looked like a real mess. I still
wonder if they used some sort of a copy protection, because it didn't
work on the first try but only after I removed a capacitor. Maybe they
used a fake one and the whole cart won't work if you put in a real one,
I don't know. I also still have the schematics I made back then, but I
really doubt it could be reproduced by anyone else than me ;-) Last time
I looked at it, I also had to take a look at real FC3 to decode my

Nowadays I also have original versions of the FC3. Actually it never
really made sense to copy it, because it sold for 69DM and today I think
that this is really cheap. Of course you get the parts for less, but all
the work for manually wiring the chips or making your own PCB also takes
a lot of time. But when I was 16 or so time didn't matter that much ;-)

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