Re: C128D

From: Dave R. (
Date: 1999-03-16 19:52:37

At 06:42 PM 3/16/99 +0000, Richard Atkinson wrote:

>Where is the cassette port on the C128DCR? It looks like they completely
>re-engineered the board, changing the spacing of the ports and lowering
>its position in the case relative to the original C128D. Was the cassette
>port left out completely, or just moved to another side?

If you're looking at the front of the unit, it's on the right side, in
front of the keyboard connector and joystick ports, etc.

It's a real pain when you have to hook up a printer interface.  I'm
thinking of hacking the end off of mine and wiring it right into the +5v
out on the power supply, like I did with my fan.

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