192 bytes free

From: Ruud Baltissen (g.baltissen_at_hccnet.nl)
Date: 1999-03-15 21:51:31

Hallo allemaal,

I hope some of you remember that I once wrote I had a C64 with only "192 bytes 
free". Last weekend I exchanged the original 4164s by 41256s as first step in 
upgrading a C64 to a 16 MB-machine. One of the reasons I choose this particular 
machines was that the general comment from some of you and me was that one of 
the ICs must be faulty and so had to be replaced anyway. Another reason to 
choose this board was that it was of the type where all big ICs have been 
placed in sockets.
First suprise: still "192 bytes free"! I had and still have no explanation at 
all for this behaviour. So I decided to exchange the other ICs. Second suprise: 
still "192 bytes free". 

More infO: white text: 
(C) 1984
                           ASSY NO. 250425

Does anybody have an idea?

Groetjes, Ruud

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