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From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1999-03-14 22:33:36

> disk turbo would probably help a _lot_ for decompression time. One step
> d64.gz to real 1541 disk would be even better, of course ;-)

Gunzip.c64 version 0.5 now has both two-drive and one-drive
d64.gz -> 1541 disk routines. It was surprisingly easy to code.
Well, maybe not so easy, but I didn't need to debug the code
at all because it worked on the first try. And fortunately it
worked the second time also!:-) -> gunzip.c64

So, current features:
- decompresses gzip and zip packets
- enter input filename or select from directory
  (enter empty filename)
- CRC32 and file size checking
- can skip files and change output names or dissolve all
  (handy for file types, e.g. d.txt -> d.txt,s,w)
- standard file I/O (+ custom 1541 disk write)
- d64.gz -> 1541/1571 disk image with one drive (10mins)

Error checking is not complete, but adequate. If you are
using a single drive for a d64.gz->1541 disk, you better
change the disk when it is requested. There's no checking
for which disk is in the drive..

Tested with 1581 and 1541-II. Comments on behavior with 1571
(and other drives?) are appreciated. And other comments also.

A thought: if you have two related d64 images that compress
well enough (so they fit in 644 blocks), you can just cat them
together and have both disk sides conveniently in one file and
you can very easily unpack both sides with gunzip.c64.
I didn't try this though..

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