Re: TraceRoute (Warning: off topic)

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1999-03-13 07:06:05

Howard Herman wrote:
> Can a user of an ISP, with shell access, and after doing a traceroute
> change the routing that his FTP client, or web browser uses?  Or, is this
> limited to the administrator of the ISP?

IP does have an option called "Strict Source Routing" which would
force an IP packet to take a specific path over the network - if
it is unable to comply with the path, the IP packet will be discarded,
and an ICMP error will be sent back to the source.

Practically speaking, however, the only way this could be done
is with a whole bunch of custom programming (unless someone
somewhere has written a program to do this?) - so the short
answer is "no".  I think :)
Robin Harbron
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