Re: gunzip.c64

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1999-03-03 10:26:50

> But using sector interleave 1 is not optimal. [..]
> buffer for the whole track (not a problem on the C64, but on the VIC-20
> it could be).

You need a 32kB buffer anyway for the LZ77 history buffer. It doubles
as an output buffer. I generate 32kB of data and then write the whole
buffer, then generate another 32kB etc..

Currently I simply use the 1-interleave as it was important to just
get it working. There is time later to make it intelligent.

> In order to speed up the transfer further, you should have fully custom
> track-write routines.

Because of two simultaneously open channels that really means custom.
In practise you need to be able "abort" the transfer at any point
and switch from read to write device and vice versa.

I'll go the slow-but-compatible path a while still. Then it's maybe
time for other people to take it from there..

"You are going to resist, I hope."
	-- Ivanova to Major Lianna Kemmer in Babylon 5:"Survivors"
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