Re: gunzip.c64

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1999-03-01 17:43:11

> Pasi, were you aware that Errol Smith's unzip program will handle
> gzip files as well?

I did not know the new version has been released. The last I
read in comp.sys.cbm was that the next version will do this.
I had some talks with Errol many months ago, but still decided
to go ahead with my own version. After spending a week in
bad flu I decided to finish it. Of course hoping that my
version would be faster.

Just checked. Both gunzip.c64 and unzip64v2 took 8 minutes to
dissolve a test disk image I had (the result is 170.75kB).
Okay. Now I just have to make my version doubly faster.. :-)
(It would've been a real disappointment to have my version be
 a lot slower, what a relief..)

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