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From: Peter Karlsson (
Date: 1999-03-01 12:42:53

> Enrico, could you reply to: and describe what this
> Microtext thing is..  I have an RTTY disk somewhere that might have something,
> not sure though.

If I remember correctly, Microtext was a cartridge which has a video input
in one end, in which you plug in the output from your tv/video, to be able
to read the teletext on the computer. I saw an ad and a short review for it
in a Swedish magazine called "Oberoende COMputer" ("Uafhengig COMputer" in
Denmark, the Swedish version was in part a translation of the Danish). There
also was a TV tuner that you plugged in to the back of the teletext
cartridge, so you could plug the antenna cable in directly.

Software was available on tape, and the main program was in BASIC, so it
could be modified (which the reviewer liked, since it was easy to add
support for Swedish characters to it).

The device was built and sold by a British company.

I always wanted to have one of those... :-)

Peter -

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