*sigh* (was: AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!)

From: Larry Anderson (foxnhare_at_jps.net)
Date: 1999-02-26 07:34:18

Larry Anderson wrote:
> Woudn't you know it, I've never had Chicken Pox....
> Well I do now!
> So I guess I'll try getting some disks organized while I attempt to keep from scratching!
> Any requests?
6 Sides of PET Games, and still counting (weeding out repeats as I go)... 
Will have a bunch of sides of utilities and educational too...

I love having this hard drive (CMD w/85mb drive internal) w/ the fcopy utility
(when it runs out of disk space, it asks for another disk!) there is no need
to calculate remaining blocks... makes it sooo much easier...  Add to that
Diskfile 2000, (an ML fast disk cataloger that can catalog hundreds of titles
to RAM), makes this sorting out this stuff a snap.  ;)


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