Re: PET Disks (was:Re: 8250 demo disk)

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-02-24 13:50:11

Andre Fachat wrote:
> > > Speaking of PET disks, I got my first (working) d64 image on the net

Hm, "World Clock" seems a bit mangled (several bit flips). I fixed the
parts at least that stopped it from working (attached)
There are some more bit flips in the print commands, though.


world clock: 
	line 11020: must be `PRINT:PRINT"...'
		    not `PRINTSINPRINT"...'
		(a bit flip I guess)

	Some other "Pi"-chars instead of spaces.
	line 5560: `MID$(TI$,3,2)" instead of `MID$(TI$SIN3,2)'
	line 6022: `PRINTH?$;...' ?=unknown digit I guess...
	line 6026: first `"' mangled
		should read `PRINT"ruuuuuuuuuuu";TAB(23);H4$;":";MM$; '
		with "r"= REV and "u"= CRSR UP
	line 8000: ACROSS
	line 6076: )
	line 6080: +

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