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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-02-21 05:03:43

I think the person is treferring to the B-Series PETs (you know, the ones that
power up in lower case mode without graphic symbols on the keyboard.

Technically yes, a B-Model as opposed to the N-Model PETs of that series.

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> Here's a horror story.  Except for the rod, it could also be the Commodore
> Model 200 a.k.a. 8032-SK in rounded case (is there also a 8032-SK in
> sharp-edged case?)  What do you think?
>         Marko
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> Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 09:50:00 +0100
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> Subject: commodore B model.
> Hi There,
> I have a question for you, I think that I once had a commodore B model at
> home once, I was
> a big white/black computer with a build in Green monocrome monitor, with it
> I had a huge diskdrive
> with two drives, the computer came with some sort of basic, very similar to
> commodore 64 basic, I used to make programs on this machine and also one my
> C64, but my parents did not want me to have both, so I gave "b" model away
> together with the diskdrives. I remember that when you opened it like a
> car, there was even a little metal rod, to hold the top part open
> (keyboard and monitor) just like a car, the guy that I gave the computer
> to, burned it out, because he wanted the monitior, but I did not think of
> that the monitor electronices was part of the motherboard!, too bad.
> Was this a B model?.
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> Christian Lyng.

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