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From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-02-16 16:59:18


As I will hopefully finish my PhD thesis sometime end of March/April,
I will loose my account in the computing center of the university.
So my pages will go offline in a few weeks. 
I don't know when they will be up again if at all.

I will upload the newest version of the PETindex[1] to
as an archive, as well as the updated (well, to be updated...) IEEE488 and 
C64 SCSI interfaces (if it's ok with Marko). 
But my other stuff will go away.

Just a notice in case...


[1] Larry, probably you want to fold the stuff into your PET FAQ, or
host it yourself? BTW, your VICE info is outdated. We now emulate 
from 2001 (Basic1 ROMs) up to 8296, only the SuperPETs 6809 is missing.
And the homepage has moved alread)?

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