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Date: 1999-02-12 15:53:37

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> Does someone here know the Commodore 1660 modem?  I don't have any
> experience in using modems with C= equipment.
>         Marko
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> Subject: modem/300
> You seem to know a bit about Commodores so here's a question.  Recently I
> have acquired a model 1660 modem 300 and I find there is a strange RCA
> connector on it next to the phone jacks, labeled AUDIO.  I brainstormed
> about his with a bunch of people and the general agreement is that this
> was probably used for acoustic pickups back when people actually used
> those.
> My question is can this "audio" input be used somehow like a soundcard?
> Because essentially a MODEM is a MOdulator/DEModulator, i.e. a D/A/A/D
> convertor...  I would be connecting it to a first generation VIC-20.

Yeah, this connector is where you plug the audio output from the
computer into. Basically, the modem can't dial by itself, so it uses the
SID to generate the dial tones. Cute, eh? :)

The modem came with a cable to do this, which plugged into the A/V
connector, and had another connector to go to your monitor.

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