Re: SUCCESS (was re: Commodore PET Find)

From: Geoff Oltmans (
Date: 1999-02-09 04:39:08

Chris Bongaarts wrote:
> In the immortal words of Geoff Oltmans:
> >Now for the more immediate problem. Is there are wiring chart that shows
> >how to make IEEE-488 cables? The connectors are available locally here,
> >and I've got a good parallel centronics cable that I'm willing to hack
> >for the cable.
> You might have to roll your own pet-ieee cables, but ieee-ieee are
> probably more common (since they are identical to the HP-IB/GP-IB bus
> cables used by Hewlett-Packard equipment).  I actually used an HP/IB
> cable to connect an MSD disk to my SFD1001, and it worked just fine.

Well, I did just that today! I've got a working IEEE-488 cable done now.
Now all I need is to get some cool software. Anything anyone recommends
that I should have? Especially along the lines of an Assembler program.


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