Re: X(E)1541-cable connected to a 128D?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-02-05 16:41:37

Martijn van Buul wrote:
> Hi!
> I guessed that this mailinglist might be the best place to ask :)
> Is it 'safe' to hookup an X(E)1541 cable to a 128D and use
> the internal drive from StarCommander? 

Funny, I just wrote this to someone else five minutes ago ;-)

I did this before and it works. There is one problem: The C64 (don't
know about the 128, since it tries to boot) keeps one of the serial
interface lines at low level after reset and therefore makes access to
the drive from other hosts impossible. You have to set that line to HIGH
and everything will be fine. It was either CLK or DATA, I forgot. What
also works is to access a serial device once and after that the bus is
free. But if the other host has the same error, the first host will just
crash. Therefore you should just poke the proper value into the CIA

No need to send the computer into an endless loop, it only accesses the
bus if you tell it so. No IRQ driven bus service code like a drive.

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