1581 / 720 KB-drive

From: Ruud Baltissen (g.j.p.a.a.baltissen_at_kader.hobby.nl)
Date: 1999-01-28 12:38:11

Hallo Frank,

You once wrote that you were trying to connect an 1.44 MB-drive to a 1581. Last 
days I tried to connect a 720 KB-drive to my 1581 but didn't succeed. Whenever 
you give a command, the motor starts spinning but, depending on the place of 
the DriveSelect-jumper, the LED in the front of the drive does not light up or 
does this continiously. But not on and off as the original drive. I could 
connect the signal for the motor to the DS but I don't think this is the 
soulution. Can you, or anybody else, help me with this?


Groetjes, Ruud

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