Re: Commodore 8032-SK

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-01-18 19:03:39

Martijn van Buul wrote:
> Since I've got only one 1541 left, I'm currently running through that
> modifaction in order to see if it's possible to make it switch from
> 1541 to 2031 mode easily.
> PS: the modification I'm talking about is was once published in the
> 64'er.

Ouch. You should be warned! I have an 8296 (with the standard 8032 
Basic 4 ROMs), and a 1541 modified to a 2031 according to the 64er
magazin. But I _do have problems_ when the PET talks to the VC1541!
When reading from the floppy, it sometimes gets the last byte
before the UNTALK _twice_! So I don't use the 1541 with the PET
at the moment (with my C64+IEEE488 there are no problems).

Probably it's just a (hardware) driver, voltage level or cable
problem.  I have about 7 devices chained together with a long cable on the
single IEEE488 bus :-)

I know about the problem, but just did not have the time to 
investigate and probably fix the 1541 (2031 i.e.) ROMs.
Also I did not have the time to test the original 2031 ROMs.


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