Re: Commodore 8032-SK

From: Jeno E. Kontros (
Date: 1999-01-15 04:41:23


>Marko> 1. Is there any better way than cassette drive and prlink to
>Marko> get the computer hooked to my Linux box? I don't have a disk
>Marko> drive.

Would you like to try port my interface to PET? I looked at the schematic
and hopefully enough lines free for use.

>You could wire a RS-232 interface. The userport pinout is almost
>identical to the C64, except for the +5V that you'd have to tap from
>somewhere else.

Right. The +5V is really lack. But probably some open-drain 6522 pins
enough for driving one little 74HCT74 chip.


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