Stopping the IDE-project

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-12-29 22:15:43

Hallo allemaal,

Thinking it over and over again I decided to stop with the IDE-project. The 
main reason is very simple: it will cost me a lot of time, time which I don't 
have so much. So my only contribution for the moment will be the interface 
Because the time needed, I would have to give up several other projects which 
I'm working on, some of them I already put a lot of work in and I don't want to 
loose that. One of them would be PC-Disk3 and PC-Flop. The last project is 
connecting the PC (LPT-port) to a C= thru a 1541-board only using the I/O-pins 
normally used to steer the stepping-motor and head. So with the exception of 
some sockets, connector and wire, no additional HW is needed. Like with 
connecting an IDE direct to a C= or thru a 1541-board, the core of the software 
for the PC is the same for both projects. 

I said "for the moment" as I still can contribute to the IDE-project if there 
is anyone willing to take it over from me. Something for you Levente? You 
always will get support on the HW, no doubts about that. For the SW, PC-Flop 
uses a 1541-board. This simply means that the same research has to be done for 
this project as for the 1541/IDE-project. Our ways would go apart the moment we 
have reached the jump-table I mentioned in earlier mails. 

I hope I haven't disappointed anyone but sometimes you have to make choices in 
life and you don't have to like everyone of them.

Groetjes, Ruud

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