Re: Tester(s) needed for PET Zork

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1998-12-17 17:24:24

> > Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > > What I haven't done is to test on a real PET.  My 8032 is packed away.  If
> > > you would like to test, you should have a real PET (4.0 ROMs), a 4040 or
> > > 2031 drive, and a way to get a program from the 'net to your PET.
> > 
> If you want it tried on upgrade ROMs I can pull out one of those PETs to test
> on, though if you have enough, that's ok, I am not looking forward to making
> space for one of the 4040s.

The KERNEL stubs I have written only support jumps into the 4.0 ROMs.  I 
haven't had the time to support older ROMs, yet.  I do want to, because the
ultimate goal of this project is to prove a high-school friend wrong when he 
said that his Apple ][ was better than my PET because , "your PET will never
play Zork."  My first PET was a 32K model 2001 w/graphic keyboard.  I still
have it.


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