Tester(s) needed for PET Zork

From: Ethan Dicks (erd_at_infinet.com)
Date: 1998-12-16 15:54:49


I have been using VICE to finish up an ooooold project of mine: porting
Infocom's Zork to the PET.  To that end, I have disassembled the interpreter,
commented it and added conditional code to allow it to compile for the PET, 
the VIC-20 and (for testing purposes) the C-64.

The VIC-20 version works under VICE (if you compile it for ROM space at $A000
and have a 32K RAM VIC), but I am having persistent problems wih the PET
version.  I need an external review of what I've done.  The biggest difference
is, of course, zero page usage.  The second difference is the lack of I/O
support in the PET ROMs compared with the C-64/VIC KERNEL.  I have written up
a set of routines to provide C-64-style I/O support, and those seem to be 
fairly stable (they are mostly wrappers and jumps to the middle of the PET

What I haven't done is to test on a real PET.  My 8032 is packed away.  If
you would like to test, you should have a real PET (4.0 ROMs), a 4040 or
2031 drive, and a way to get a program from the 'net to your PET. 

The game comes up and runs.  I can navigate around the white house.  What
isn't working is direct objects.  I can type "OPEN" and the game will assume
"WINDOW" and open the window, but if I type "OPEN WINDOW", I get an error 
message.  I'm not certain that my problems aren't VICE related, so I ask 
for a real test.

Any takers?

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