Filesystem specifications

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-12-15 22:06:18

Hallo friends,

I develloped an IDE-interface of my own just using 8 ordinary TTL-ICs. You can 
have the schematic of it if you want to because I'm going to make it freeware 
anyway. Together with some friends, Marko Makela (FUNET, Finland), Andre 
Fachat, Stephen Judd (C=-Hacking) and others we are discussing the filesystem. 
But it would be crazy to invent the wheel again so my questions are simple: are 
you willing to tell us the specifications of your system and are you willing 
tom share the needed software to handle this filesystem with us. I must tell 
you in advance that our goal is to distribute further devellopments as freeware.

As far as you know you sell your system to earn some money on it so I 
understand if you say no. I will respect that and honestly, no hard feeling. 

Groetjes, Ruud Baltissen

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