IDE (3)

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-12-13 14:43:03

Hallo allemaal,

The IDE-inteface works fine. Unfortunally I had to change the design a little 
bit due to more timing errors when reading the high-byte. I now need 8 IC's but 
that does include full decoding for the needed 4 bytes in the memory map. Later 
this day I'll send some of you the SCH in GIF. If you don't receive it but are 
interested, feel free to ask me for it.
One remark: the tested version is WITHOUT the decoding ie. the 74LS260. But I'm 
very confident that that won't cause us trouble. 
I haven't written a doc for it to explain things, you have to wait for that 
some days.

groetjes, Ruud

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