Re: IDE for C64

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-12-12 21:37:56

Hallo Marko,

> Because they might be more difficult to obtain than the parts for building
> a custom 6502 computer?  On the other hand, building everything from
> scratch is more expensive and time-consuming.

Being a father of two small children, that's a very good reason :-)

> > Nonsence! Just think how an emulator uses his emulated 1541. In reality you 
> > tell it to use a simple file as floppy.

> ......  A higher-level file system,
> without any 1541 compatible block-read or block-write commands or file
> structure is necessary.  

I completely agree, see mail to Levente. 

> Will the whole file allocation table fit in the memory?  

No, why should it? 

> How do you address fragmentation problems? 

Like in DOS: running a defragmentation program from time to time. As you have 
to validate a floppy from time to time, this has to be done as well. Maybe I
combine both functions. 

> I wish you good luck with the project.  I don't want to discourage you
> from doing it; I just wanted to point out some things that might become
> problematic later.

Thanks. Any help and critic is welcome. Sometimes other people see things you 
haven't thought about.

Groetjes, Ruud

PS. sometimes I'm a little bit (too) direct in my comment like using 
"nonsence!". But it is not meant personally in any way. Again I appreciate all 
comment, but if I have to agree with it ....... :-)

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