Re: IDE for C64 (Levente)

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-12-12 21:37:59

Hallo Andre,

> Sh*tty IDE. Use SCSI and have a logical (i.e. linear!) block address!
> (sorry, had to say that ;-)

Reading the original docs about IDE LBA is mentioned too but how it works ???

> How do you start the drive with the original "patch" as backup?
> I'd suggest a jumper, because if one patch fails, you're 
> in trouble.

You're right. Thanks for the idea !

> >   - FAT-entry side-sector-block relative file, 4 bytes
> >   - recordlengte relitve file, 2 bytes
> <cite>I don't think we will never need more 640k in any computer</cite>
> No, don't hit me.... ;-)

Whatever you propose or do, you always will have greedy and complaining people.

> Hm, what was PC-Disk again? A PC printerport connection to the
> C64 serial bus? 

PC-Disk1 (1988) and 2 (1997) used a parallel cable to the userport. 3 uses a 

Groetjes, Ruud

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