Re: IDE for C64

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-12-07 13:10:33

Larry Anderson wrote:
> My thooughts:
> I dream of seeing something (not this exclusively) externally accessible by
> other computers (and fast), if possible.  So you can load it up from a Mac or
> IBM, or even share via other 64/128s (like the multi-plexing of the Lt.
> Kernal)  I'm not sure what could be done, it's just that cross-computer
> accessibility is a big problem for those who have several platforms around.

Hm, a PC harddisk directory that serves as a harddisk for the C64 is
not enough? For me my old PC seems to become fax server and 
probably ISDN dial-up server, and, already, a harddisk for my C64 :-)


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