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From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 1998-12-07 10:15:23

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> Hallo Martijn,
> > Ruud: The guy demonstrating that machine, was it one of your members?
> Yes, Wim Planting.
> > Wasn't it supposed to be some weird 486DX4/100 clone?
> Could be, the idea to develop this baby was spread the year before so the K6 
> didn't exist yet. But it was an AMD-chip for sure.
Well, allthough I don't even consider buying one, it would certainly make
the built-in emulator run more smoothly. Might save one entry in the
comp.emulators.cbm or comp.sys.cbm FAQ:

Q) Why isn't Fort Apocalypse working on my C64?
A) Because it's a C64 Web'it

> > Hmm.. But I strongly disagree with Webcomputers regarding the "expandablity"
> > of that machine ("Look! You can expand it using ROM-cartridges!")("Kewl!
> > Could I have a Linux-cartridge, then?")
> I don't know. The main idea is to see it as a way for people unfamiliar with 
> PCs to have access to internet. It certainly will address people who know the 
> C64 from their youth but stopped with computering from then on.
Well, set-top boxes are commonly available. IMHO, this Web'it thingy could
have some other public by implementing the possibility to use a harddrive.
AFAIK, it doesn't have this at the moment. Now, it's only the n-th 
set-top box (and a rather expensive one, too!)

> Groetjes, Ruud
> PS. als je al daar was, had dan wat van je laten horen. Het is best leuk om 
> iemand beter te leren kennen dan alleen als een "tekst" via een mail server :-) 
I'm sorry. When I was at that stand on Friday, it was rather quiet (and noone
manning the stand). On sunday, it was _that_ busy, that I didn't even
consider coming near to it;)

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