Commodore patents from IBM's server

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-12-06 14:56:33

Hello all!

Today I've downloaded all Amiga, Commodore-Amiga and Escom patents that
Mark sought from IBM's server earlier.  I'll probably leave the Commodore
patents (which are probably the most interesting ones) for next Sunday.

Downloading the files was a bit tricky, since IBM has removed the
undocumented possibility of downloading the master TIFF file of which the
GIF images will be generated.  So I had to use the "for" command of Bash
combined with "lynx -dump" and "lynx -sourcedump" to download the scanned
pages as GIF files.

I thought that I would ask your help in transforming the HTML files to
something more readable and in composing the GIF files back to multi-page
TIFF files.  Mark already promised to help me in the latter task, but
someone should write a Perl script that strips the HTML mark-up from the
abstract texts and the claim lists.  Those files should be converted to
plain text.  After the conversions are finished, I can move the patent
documents to  There should be no copyright problems, since
patent documents are public.

If you can assist me with the project, contact me so that the technical
details can be arranged.  I'm looking for a Perl script solution to the
conversion problem, and I would write the script myself if I had time.


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